An Evaluation of Change in the Physical Output in Female Youth Football Players During a Game

Shigehiko Ogoh, Anna Oue, Hironori Watanabe, Shotaro Saito, Kento Dora, Nana Ogoh, Maki Osuga, Tetsuya Hasegawa, Keisho Katayama
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Cognitive Function in Response to an Acute, High Intensity Exercise-Does Gender Plays a Role?

Rutie Pilz-Burstein, Hilla Klein-Grufi, Dina Yakobian, Michal Arnon
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Evaluation of the reciprocal teaching style in tennis

Dimitrios Kyritsopoulos, Ioannis Athanailidis, Nikolaos Digelidis
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Assessment of Physiological Profiles of 2022 Asia Cup Winning National Sri Lankan Netball Team Using Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) as The Gold Standard

Sameera P. Senanayake, Karunanayake P. A. R. Karunanayake, Attanayake M. D. K. Attanayake, Rathugamage S. P. Fernando, Ridmi S. Maddumage, Sanduni H. N. Jayasinghe, Athapaththu A. K. K. Athapaththu, Mayakrishnan Sugeeswar
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